20:15 GMT30 July 2021
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    Cambridge Analytica & Facebook, CAATSA vs S-400s, Balkan "Rebalancing"

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    The Guardian’s latest exposé alleges that Cambridge Analytica’s use of social media data was the secret behind the Brexit and Trump campaigns’ electoral successes in 2016.

    This week's show starts off by talking about the ulterior reasons behind the US' recent promulgation of the so-called "Taiwan Travel Act". Then it segues into an analysis about the implications of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being replaced with CIA chief Mike Pompeo. Once that's done, the next topic to be tackled is the Serbian President's announcement that he's willing to "compromise" on Kosovo. After that, the show switches over to a discussion about why the US is so scared of Russia's S-400 sales abroad that it's now frantically threatening to sanction Moscow yet again if it dares to export this technology. And finally, our top story of the week is The Guardian's exposé about how Cambridge Analytica allegedly mastered the use of social media data to give the Brexit and Trump campaigns a crucial edge in 2016.

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