15:27 GMT01 August 2021
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    Mumbai Caste Chaos, KSA Prince Protests, RF-MX Election Meddling Claims

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    The caste chaos that exploded in India’s western economic hub of Mumbai last week shows that the South Asian state is more internally divided than ever and not as cohesive as observers might think.

    Freshly back from our one-week holiday, the first program of the year starts off by discussing the implications of Iran banning the teaching of English in primary schools. After that, we take a look at why the two Koreas have decided to resume talks with one another. Then, we explain what's behind the US' claim that Russia is meddling in the upcoming Mexican elections. Once that's done, we move along to analyzing the aftereffect of Saudi Arabia arresting 11 princes who were protesting the government's recent decision to stop paying their utility bills. And finally, our top story of the week is the caste chaos that exploded in India's western economic hub of Mumbai at the beginning of the year after Hindu ultra-nationalists clashed with low-caste Dalits who were celebrating a controversial historical battle.

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