08:23 GMT03 August 2021
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    'White Helmets' Win an Oscar, Pope Warns of Water Wars, Trump's Budget

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    We start off this week by commenting on the anti-immigrant violence which has once more broken out in South Africa.

    Then we get around to talking about President Putin’s recent visit to three Central Asian countries. Afterwards, we analyze why Trump’s budget prioritizes the military at the possible expense of the State Department. The next thing that we talk about is Pope Francis’ warning that future wars might be all about water. Finally, our highlight of the week is how the “White Helmets” won an Oscar, but despite this being ethically deplorable on all levels, it really doesn’t mean anything unless people actually respect this Western award in the first place.

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    South Africa, Central Asia, Donald Trump, Pope Francis, Oscar, US budget, White Helmets, anti-immigrant violence
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