03:06 GMT29 July 2021
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    Milwaukee Racist Riots, Balochistan Bombing, Thailand Explosions

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    The first topic that we tackle this week is describing the multipolar significance of Bolivia’s lithium exports to China.

    Afterwards we take a look at South-Central Africa in analyzing the importance of Zambia’s presidential election and explaining why the opposition might be on the verge of a Color Revolution. Next we take our focus to Thailand in trying to pinpoint who’s behind the explosions there, but also drawing attention to the real reason why the country’s in the crosshairs. Following that, we look at the other bombing that recently happened, but this time in the Pakistani province of Balochistan, and also try to figure out precisely why this region is being targeted. Finally, we delve into the politically incorrect realm of commenting on the Milwaukee racist riots which weren’t “anti-racist”, but pro-racist and fueled by the hatred that some participants expressed for their fellow Americans of another skin color.

    explosions, presidential election, racism, Milwaukee, Zambia, China, Bolivia, Thailand, Pakistan
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