16:04 GMT13 July 2020
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    Trump's Nuclear Weapon Agenda; Phil. Police MOVE Bombing Remembered

    By Any Means Necessary
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    Trump's Nuclear Posture Review; MOVE Bombing Remembered; LA Times Sold to Billionaire; US government stays open, increases military budget.

    On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined John Qua, Organizer with Global Zero's Beyond the Bomb Campaign to talk about the United States' Nuclear Posture Review, efforts by the Trump Administration to increase the budget of an already inflated US Nuclear Budget, and the dangers of promoting 'low-yield' nuclear weapons as safer and less costly weapons.

    In the second segment Ramona Africa, Minister of Communication for the MOVE Organization and sole adult survivor of the 1985 bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia joins the show to talk about the efforts by the US government to violently suppress radical movements and the complicity of elected officials like Mayor Catherine Pugh in coverings up illegal activities by police.

    In the third segment Cuneyt Dil, freelance journalist based in Washington DC, and curator of District Links (https://tinyletter.com/DistrictLinks) to talk about the sale of the Los Angeles Times to Patrick Soon-Shiong, a health care mogul and former surgeon, for $500 million dollars, the need for innovation within print journalism to turn a profit, and the difficulties of sustaining local alternative news outlets in print and online.

    Later in the show Ra Shad Frazier-Gaines, Founder of the Black Progressives and Sputnik News Analyst Bob Schlehuber to talk about the release of a police audio recording capturing a Tennessee Sheriff bragging about killing people, the Justice Department rolling back federal oversight of the San Francisco Police Department, the likelihood of another government shut down, sexual assault rates at West Point Military Academy and whether or not cursive is necessary in the 21st Century.

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