22:54 GMT07 May 2021
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    Anti-Iranian Sanctions Waivers; 'Nationalist Leprosy'; EU 'Sea Bandits'

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    The US’ granting of temporary anti-Iranian sanctions waivers to several countries and the breakaway Chinese province of Taiwan is a strategic move that shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

    This week’s show begins by talking about what Russia’s plan to establish a future robot-built moon base is supposed to achieve. Then we discuss the significance of the UK opening up its second Mideast base in Oman. After that, the program explains why Turkish President Erdogan issued a strict warning against so-called “sea bandits” in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Once that’s done, the next topic is French President Macron decrying the so-called “nationalist leprosy” that he claims is sweeping the continent. And finally, our top story of the week is how the US’ anti-Iranian sanctions waivers are a strategic means to reaching a geopolitical end.

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