18:09 GMT12 May 2021
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    House Passes Bill to Make DC 51st State, Plus the 2018 Syria Chemical Attack

    The Backstory
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    On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan and co-host John Kiriakou discussed current events, including UN concerned over partial shutdown of Libya's oil production, the US House of Representatives on Thursday adopting legislation that will grant statehood to the capital of the United States, and the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.


    Piers Robinson - Political Scientist and Co-Director of The Organization for Propaganda Studies | OPCW, Syria Chemical Attack, and Media Refusal to Engage on Discussion

    Carter Laren - Co-host of Unsafe Spaces | Education in America, The Left in Control of Media, and Blockchain-Based Video Hosting Site

    In the first hour, Lee and John spoke with Piers Robinson on the attempts to overthrow the Syrian government, the damaged reputation of OPCW, and the Obama administration's red line in Syria. Piers discussed the politicization of the OPCW and the influence from countries like France and the United States.  Piers spoke on the numerous attempts to overthrow the Syrian government and the OPCW caught in the middle of these attempts.

    In the second hour, Lee and John spoke with Carter Laren on the mob tactics involved with the Chauvin trial, the lack of critical thinking taught in America, and the media propagating racism. Carter talked about the media, corporations, and politics all in lockstep in one agenda. Carter talked about the differences in America causing conflict and the divide shown from the Chauvin trial. 

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