03:11 GMT19 January 2021
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    On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events, Proud Boys Chairman arrested on a misdemeanor charge, and Kyle Rittenhouse pleading not guilty in the Kenosha shooting.

    Carmine Sabia - Writer and Editor at Large at SabiaReport.com | Confirming the Electoral College in Congress, and Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio Arrested

    Scottie Nell Hughes - RT Correspondent | Media Dishonesty, Grassroots Movements, and The Future of the Republican Party

    In the first hour, Lee spoke with Carmine Sabia of SabiaReport.com on the Lin Wood accusations of Chief Justice Roberts, Trump supporters turning on one another, and President Trump failing to follow through on his threats. Carmine talked about the leaked phone call between President Trump and Georgia Secretary of State, and the double standard social media has against conservatives and liberals. Host Lee and Carmine discussed the targeting of the Proud Boys, versus the blind eye Antifa & Black Lives Matter got while rioting and looting for months.

    In the second hour, Lee talked with RT Correspondent Scottie Nell Hughes about the need for an Andrew Breitbart in 2021, DC Mayor Bowser interfering with the Trump supporters rally, and President Trump straying away from his 2016 promises. Scottie and host Lee discussed the weakness of the Republican party, and the establishment Republicans dislike for the Trump base. Scottie spoke on the future of the Republican party and the need for real conservatives to beat out the establishment.

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