20:30 GMT28 October 2020
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    Today on The Backstory, Lee Stranahan covers the Senate report on Biden, Breonna Taylor grand jury decision, ceremony for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, California will have no new gasoline cars starting in 2035, Johnson and Johnson have their own vaccine soon to be released, & HBO will air two part documentary on Russian interference in U.S. elections.

    The Backstory’s first guest former Governor Jesse Ventura came on to discuss his extensive history and success in; military, motorcycle club (Mongols), professional wrestling, and his time as mayor (Brooklyn Park) & Governor of Minnesota. Jesse spoke on America's policy towards Cuba, and his time in the country and speaking with Fidel Castro. The former Governor discussed his past and possible future runs for presidential office. Second guest Jim Hoft founder of Gateway Pundit discussed antifa violence toward Trump supporters, lack of coverage of George Soros, and the media turning a blind eye to violent left wing groups in America. Final guest investigative reporter Lucy Komisar explained her view on the new Buzzfeed “money laundering” report.  She notices the lack of American banks involved in this report. Lucy digs into Buzzfeed and the lack of facts or misinformation included in their new article. She also examines the true purpose of these reports and investigations are political, not actual criminal enforcement.

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