15:22 GMT18 January 2021
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    We Need More Personal Responsibility

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Ex-MEP and top businessman Lance Forman is Jon Gaunt’s guest on this episode of Shooting From the Lip.

    Controversially Lance states that, “Furlough is the most generous unemployment benefit we have ever had.”

    However, his criticism also extends to the Lockdown policy saying, “Lockdown is not the right strategy, you have to save lives but it mostly kills the old and vulnerable so you need to protect them. We shouldn’t be locking down the whole economy.”

    However, Lance also believes, “that some blame also lies with the opposition and the media who haven’t been putting pressure on the Government.”

    On the government’s overall handling of the pandemic he is also critical saying, “They seem to be acting on the last bit of information that has come along rather than having a well thought out strategy. We've known that the vaccine was needed since March so why are there problems with the roll out?”

    On the new Covid laws and policing of Lockdown 3 he states that “There should be more emphasis on personal responsibility, we are not an authoritarian country like China, we are liberal western democracy.”

    However, he is optimistic about the UK’s future after the trade deal with the EU and he wants “Deregulation of business to be at the centre of our recovery. I am the eternal optimist there are some great opportunities out there and we are a leading player in tech and the way we developed the vaccine so quickly was great. We now need to get on with it.”

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