00:45 GMT26 January 2021
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    Trump or Armageddon

    Shooting from the Lip
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    James Delingpole, the host of the Delingpod podcast, is Jon Gaunt's guest on this compelling episode of Shooting From The Lip. He has strong views on vaccines, the US election, the global elite, and much more.

    On the announcement of the UK COVID vaccine James Delingpole states, "I'm not celebrating at all, this is just a propaganda move by the government to support their ludicrous lockdown policy".

    Continuing he states, "They don't give you any lasting immunity so don't come to me telling me it is a good news story. Everyone in government and their families should take it first if they're so confident".

    Delingpole believes that, "the USA election was theft and grand larceny that makes Watergate look like a teddy bear's picnic".

    He says that, "If there is any justice in the world and you care about democracy, the future of the republic, then the American system has to find in Trump's favour or it will be Armageddon".

    He notes that, "the global machine is determined to destroy Trump. All that rubbish about the Russians in his first term, it was absolute lies. The establishment and the global elite want Russia to be the enemy".

    Delingpole believes that "People are being worn down in a bought and paid for media. People believe that the BBC is a trusted news source and you can trust the government".

    The podcast host concludes by stating that, "Boris has been criminally incompetent on his watch, the world's fifth biggest economy has been destroyed. He is going to be doing eternity in hell for this".

    If you think these opinions are strong, controversial, or even crazy wait until you hear the whole podcast. It really is an eye opener.

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