23:57 GMT25 January 2021
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    Biden is Dysfunctional

    Shooting from the Lip
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    The host of the Jewish State podcast, Jonny Gould, is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week on Shooting from the Lip.

    Jonny Gould is uncompromising on the state of UK and USA politics declaring that, “Carrie Symonds is the acting Prime Minister” and that the new Biden “administration is dysfunctional from day one.”

    Jonny can’t believe that Trump lost and he believes that, “If Trump had won then Saudi Arabia would have joined the peace process along with the UAE.”  Whereas he thinks that “John Kerry is the absolute buffoon who said there will be no Middle East peace without the Palestinians.” 

    Moving on to postal voting in the USA and in the UK, Gould believes that, “People use it as a convenience rather than a necessity.  Democracy needs standards, you need to turn up to vote and there is not enough security around our elections.” He concludes that, “Postal voting needs to have some new regulations.”

    Moving on to Boris Johnson, Jonny sarcastically remarks that, “as Mayor, Boris was able to rely on a crack team of people and advisers, which allowed him to concentrate on his memoirs.” 

    However, “Boris was very one handed with Dominic Cummings, he had too much influence.” Gould also believes that the Government, “have given up on the Covid response being scientific now and it's is all PR based, they're more concerned about what Piers Morgan thinks about their policy, he is the official opposition.”

    Jon suggests that we should let Boris go first with a vaccine, to which Jonny laughs and agrees.

    Don’t miss this thought provoking episode!

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