18:15 GMT23 November 2020
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    "Britain Should Not be a Soft Touch"

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt is shooting from the lip this week on the terror attacks in France, the migrant crisis, free school meals, the US Election and much more.

    Starting off with the tragic events in France this week, Jon reflects “We can't live in the kind of society in the West where people are beheaded. Macron should be tough and every other European leader should be tough too.”

    Looking at the flood of migrants crossing the English Channel, Jon thinks “We need to send a signal that Britain is not a soft touch. What's the point of the European Union? I know we are leaving but what's the point if we can't do this together? The French are just waving them through but we're doing nothing to protect ourselves. It's a complete and utter joke, which has turned into another tragedy.”

    On the subject of free school means Jon blasts “They can't find 20 million quid to give the poor kids of this country a hot meal. It disgusts me. I'm a traditional conservative, I like to think of myself as a compassionate and caring conservative, but what this party has mutated into is disgusting.”

    Casting his eye on the US Elections he states “there's a lot of MSM propaganda going on. I think in the end, people will vote for Trump, especially because Biden doesn't seem to know who is competing against! Let's not forget Trump’s achievements and he hasn't gone to war like Barack Obama, and he’s put North Korea back in their box.”

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