20:38 GMT03 June 2020
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    The UK Economy Will be Wrecked

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “Sadiq Khan is a brilliant campaigner but couldn’t run a bath” declares broadcaster and columnist, Andre Walker at the start of this controversial Shooting From The Lip episode with Jon Gaunt.

    He accuses Khan of always making excuses and “he is constantly blaming others and I think the Government are absolutely right to remove his powers in this emergency.”

    He believes that, “Sadiq Khan appeals to stupid people.”

    On Coronavirus Andre states, “there needs to be a balance between people catching the virus and the economy. We could do a lockdown for a hundred years but it would wreck the economy.”

    He also believes that, “the lockdown was called in too early and was too draconian.”

    He thinks that Boris was pressured into it by the media and people like Piers Morgan.

    He believes that Boris ‘has handled the crisis well but it wouldn’t surprise me if we come to realize the lockdown was a mistake.”

    Andre firmly believes that “the blame for Coronavirus solidly lies with China and the World Health Organization.”

    Andre concludes that the UK is now, “like a communist state, the public sector venerated, the private sector eradicated, mandatory applause, you can only go out if the police allow you permission, queues at supermarkets and a quarter of a million people inform on you if you break the lockdown, it just feels like Jeremy Corbyn won the election!”

    This is a great episode full of opinion and attack. Don’t miss it.

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