01:29 GMT26 May 2020
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    Ineptitude in Coronavirus Britain

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Radio and TV presenter Liz Kershaw tells the very moving and emotional story of how her mum died on March 17th in a care home.

    Liz Kershaw says "but I can’t say if it was Covid-19 as she was never tested.” She is very angry about the care home death scandal and states, “people in care homes have just been forgotten about. Politicians have been privatizing the care of the elderly for years and calling them bed blockers which is so insulting.”

    She believes that the figures for death are not up to date or correct and she explains the process she had to go through to register her mum's death. It is a fascinating and frightening account of modern Coronavirus Britain.

    Liz says that, “I took a hard and difficult decision not to have a funeral as they were only allowing 5 people to attend.  All along I’ve thought that the death figures were bollo*ks” is her verdict on the daily figures given out by the Government.

    The Government is only giving out hospital death figures but Liz doesn’t think this is a deliberate cover up instead she says “it is ineptitude.”

    Liz wants the whole death registration system overhauled and computerized so we would always have up to date figures.

    She also believes that, “we should have seen this coming in early January, the same with supply chains of masks, aprons and swabs.”

    She believes that Cheltenham and other festivals like the BBC 6 Music Festival should have been postponed.

    She also states that TV companies and radio stations were quicker to move to social distancing and using technology than the Government.

    Liz believes that the lockdown tactic was correct but, “it’s really important for young people to get their lives back on track.  Perhaps we should start by letting the under forties out.”

    However, she believes that, “the last thing to come back will be large gatherings."

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