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    White Working Class Males are the Most Disenfranchised Group in the UK

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “The most disenfranchised group in the UK are white working-class males because no one gives a s**t about them, we are exploited.” So, says film maker and novelist, Dougie Brimson in this explosive edition of Shooting from the Lip with Jon Gaunt.

    Dougie is famous for his so-called Hooligan novels and the writer behind hits like Green Street wastes no time in putting the boot into the big stories of the week.

    He says that, “Lawrence Fox was right on the money, those of us in the media who sit on the right of politics have been attacked by the left woke brigade on social media and this is how they silence opinion.”

    Dougie states that, “Twitter is a cesspit, a relentless stream of attack, if you don’t agree with them you are wrong there is no debate with these people.”

    He says that the woke left, “Are like the political Jehovah witness, they can galvanize these attacks, this army against you where they are calling you gammon scum racist.”

    Dougie is an RAF veteran and talks about the treatment of veterans in the UK and is supporting Veterans month.

    Jon and Dougie discuss veteran prosecutions and Boris’s election pledge to stop them and Dougie says “that he hasn’t seen much evidence that all this stuff is going to wind down but Boris needs to do something and do it fast.”

    Dougie defends Prince Harry and doesn’t think he has let the armed forces down saying that, “He did his job, he got his medals, he was on the front line and did very dangerous jobs on the front line and he deserves this nation’s undying respect.”

    However, Dougie states that you cannot be in and out and therefore is adamant he cannot have his title and royal security paid for.

    On law and order Dougie states that, “Policing by consent doesn’t work, I want coppers to enforce the law, I don’t want coppers with rainbow police cars calling everyone mate I don’t want them to appease someone who is threatening to batter the crap out of them.”

    When it comes to knife crime Brimson believes that, “Trevor Phillips is on the money. Racism is the H bomb we are all so afraid of being called racist and they use it silence debate.”

    On the Priti Patel bullying row this ex-serviceman is uncompromising stating, “It’s a tough job and she is being tough she has got to win because if she loses this battle it will be like a deck of cards.”

    Continuing he states that, “I’m looking at all these allegations with a shovel of salt, she shouts at people, so what, I was in the military and I got shouted at all the time and if you can’t stand that, get out.”

    This is a great episode. Do not miss it.

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