01:41 GMT17 January 2021
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    Political Correctness is Impeding on Our Freedom

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “All around us free speech is being closed down.” So, states Jon Gaunt’s guest, Mike Yardley. Mike is a military historian, terrorism and security expert and he clearly believes that the biggest threat we all face today is the loss of our freedom of speech by both old media and new media.

    Mike compares the way that the BBC Today show criticised an anti-abortion rally in the US who took kids on the demo but then seemed to applaud and encourage Extinction Rebellion who been actively campaigning to get kids to play truant and protest.

    He says that, “The idea that you have to beg an anarchist to get through an illegal roadblock to see a dying friend absolutely appals me and someone needs to bring order back or it will all end very badly.”

    Mike believes that the BBC is not impartial on climate change and their treatment of Boris has been appalling. Warming up he states, “Woman’s hour is obsessed with racial issues, gender and always seems to have left wing activists on it but they do not have right wing ones on. It does not represent mainstream Britain.”

    He believes that there is manipulation in TV drama advertising and films to hit diversity targets which he says is “Orwellian in nature.”

    Mike believes it is not about the BBC and other broadcasters being left-wing but it is all about so-called 'political correctness' and 'a cultural Marxist agenda'.

    Mike believes this is now also happening in the new media and says, “All around us free speech is being closed down.”

    Mike claims that Twitter is acting like a censor and he says his account has been banned and he has had followers culled and posts deleted.”

    He talks about just how powerful Facebook and Twitter are with all the data and information we have given them.

    So that effectively now they have the power to not only direct all the major debates but also to ruin your career if you do not fit into their world view.

    He questions just who is behind this new political agenda.

    Whether you agree or disagree with Mike this is a show that will get you thinking.

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