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    The Political Elite Have Tried to Divide the UK

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Andre is a columnist with the New York Observer and a regular political pundit on TV and radio political shows. He is not afraid of voicing his strongly opinionated opinions on politics and politicians and in this episode with Jon Gaunt he certainly does not hold back.

    He starts by stating that Boris Johnson cannot be stopped by any politicians or John Bercow from leaving the EU by Halloween.

    He knows John Bercow but says he will be “remembered as the worst speaker in British history and he has a massive ego.”

    Now on a roll Andre states that, “The people who created the no deal is Hammond and Theresa may” and that, “their withdrawal treaty is a surrender document and they have put the UK in this position”

    “These people are not patriotic.”

    Walker believes that both political parties are cracking under the Brexit pressure” And he is welcoming an election to “drain the swamp.”

    Andre also believes that the party is over for the Brexit Party if Boris does deliver Brexit by October 31 however he also says that, “Nigel Farage is the most successful conservative of this generation and he gives the so-called conservatives in Westminster the heebie jeebies”

    He shares Boris Johnson’s post Brexit optimism and suggests that we about to witness the same kind of revival that was led by Maggie Thatcher.

    “This country is in a great shape but the problem is that we have a political elite at the top who have never been to places like Wolverhampton and they don’t like the country or it is people, they want to be is French aristocrats”

    He goes even further by declaring that, ‘the political elite have tried to divide the country on class grounds but people no longer care about class…..the divide is between people who are patriotic and those who are not… and Boris is firmly in tune with the British people… his class or background is irrelevant.”

    On Policing he is equally forthright, “I’m so bored of people saying stop and search is racist, I would rather offend someone than see them in the Morgue.

    He also feels that “there are serious questions about whether we should remove Police powers from Sadiq Khan as he has manifestly failed.”

    The minor Royals also don’t escape a tongue lashing from Andre when he accuses Megan as “not knowing the difference between being a Royal and a celebrity.”

    He concludes the interview by saying that “Greta Thunberg is a young woman who has suffered by her own admission mental health issues and she is being exploited.”

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