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    The Establishment are Hanging the Veterans Out to Dry

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Today’s guest on Shooting from the Lip is a former football hooligan and now Hollywood film writer who says that “Nigel Farage has been the most influential politician for decades.” Yes, Jon Gaunt’s special guest is Dougie Brimson who has as many forthright opinions as he has book and film ideas.

    Dougie’s experience of Hollywood didn’t impress him and he says “I did not make any real money out of ‘Green Street’ with Elijah Wood and didn’t particularly enjoy the film industry largely because of the shysters who run it.”

    On football today, he says that “football is reflective of wider society because it is a working-class game and always will be. So, this country is quite angry and one of the outlets for that tribal anger and aggression is football”

    He believes that, “Anyone who is right wing and puts their head above the parapet they will be shot at” “and I learnt very quickly when I started doing radio interviews in the nineties to always do it live as if it is pre-recorded they can make you look like a raging Nazi.”

    Dougie states that, “I’m not a supporter of Tommy Robinson but do respect him for going out on a limb and saying what he believes and no one has been slaughtered by the press more than Tommy”

    “I believe that he represents what a lot of the people in this country agree with. And that goes back to the demonization of the white working class. The most attacked group in this country are the white working-class male.”

    Dougie also believes passionately that, “there is suppression of right-wing debate, on twitter the left is raging at anything that is right of centre”

    As a former RAF man and veteran of the Falkland war he believes that “of course it was worth it, it was a war based on democracy and we are going through it again with Brexit.”

    He continues, “I don’t want to be ruled by anyone else …the thing that clinched it for me was the EU army, if you give away power to tell your military what to do you are giving away democracy.”

    Do not miss this explosive interview.

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