12:32 GMT24 September 2020
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    Shooting From the Lip: Best of 2018

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt looks back on his best guests with highlights from some of his most popular and provocative episodes of Shooting from the Lip’s first year.

    Starting with the always controversial Tommy Robinson, who states that he is willing to go back to prison as a political prisoner if it highlights the case of the Pakistani rape gangs.

    Followed by David Kurten who gives his unfiltered opinion on Sadiq Khan’s failure in London by saying, “London is a disaster zone with crime going through roof and first time in History London has a higher murder rate than New York” and, “Khan follows a path of political correctness with 900 officers working on hate crime or mean things being said on social media.”

    We then revisit John’s interview with UKIP leader Gerard Batten who has some choice words For Theresa May and her continued failure to deliver a Brexit that Britain can be proud of.  “I predicted there would be delay in order to sell us out at the end, it is an elaborate charade that they have put on”

    Finally we highlight John’s interview with the Rotherham Rape Gang survivor Sammy Woodhouse, who condemns those in authority for ignoring her and thousands of other victims for years saying, “It was not a secret everyone knew it was going on The Police social services health they all knew as my parents told them within days”

    This is a sensational episode to end the year on and is bound to get you talking well into next year.

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