22:53 GMT +325 May 2019
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    Identity Politics is a Cancer of the Modern World

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    The longest serving Editor of Lad’s mag, Loaded, is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week on Shooting from the Lip. Martin Daubney is now a campaigner for Men’s rights and says, “men are under attack with all this toxic masculinity nonsense.” And that “Identity politics is a cancer of the modern world.”

    Controversially he also states “The media is very, very liberal especially the BBC and they say men are a problem. Women have problems and women’s problems are caused by men”

    “Identity politics has created the white man as the enemy, the problem”.

    He also lays into Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and even Sandi Tosvig.

    This is an absolute belter of an interview which will have you shouting in violent agreement or disagreement. Martin really is Shooting from the Lip!

    MeToo, Brexit, Sadiq Khan
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