10:49 GMT27 February 2021
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    Boris Was Not Being Islamophobic

    Shooting from the Lip
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    In the latest episode of Shooting from the lip Jon Gaunt almost meets his match in someone who is not afraid to offend as he speak his mind. That person is Taj Hargey, the Imam of the Oxford Congregation of Muslims.

    This prominent Imam and Oxford scholar fully supports Boris Johnson in his comments about the Burka and actually goes further saying, “They look like Ninjas not just letterboxes or bank robbers”

    Taj states that Boris was not being Islamophobic as the veil, or mask as Taj prefers to call it, is not Koranic. He says, “There is Islamophobia in UK but this row is nothing to do with it”

    He blames it all on the Saudi influence through their funding of Mosques in the UK. Taj believes Saudi funding is at core of radicalism in UK

    It is the Saudi influence as they are funding all the mosques and the UK Government are too close to Saudi because of arms sales.

    He says it is men who are demanding this, so it is a symbol of sexism and oppression of women.

    “Theresa May is a failure and she should be resigning, this is a diversion from her Brexit failure.”

    Taj and Jon also discuss Halal, Pakistani rape gangs and integration.

    This is a storming interview which is essential listening and will certainly get you talking.

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