00:56 GMT13 June 2021
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    US/Korea Summit; Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit; Abbas and Legitimacy

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    The US sticks with the Palestinian Authority despite loss of legitimacy in the eyes of Palestinians. What this means for any future peace accord.

    Hyun Lee, national organizer for Women Cross DMZ, talks to us about the recent summit with US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, how talks with the U.S. could impact South Korea’s relationship with China, now that the US has increasingly tense relations with China, and how South Korea should trace its own path in the world separate from superpower tensions. We also talk about the Biden administration’s approach to North Korea and how its focus on full denuclearization could be a non-starter in any future negotiations.

    Chris Garaffa, web developer, technologist, security and privacy consultant joins us to talk about Florida passing a law preventing social media companies from banning politicians, candidates, and news content, and how this could actually be good for free speech. We also talk about a provision of a bill in Canada that would make streaming media sites promote Canadian content within Canada, and Washington, DC’s attorney general Karl Racine suing Amazon for abusing its monopoly by not letting independent sellers offer lower prices outside the Amazon platform.

    Alan Macleod, author, journalist and media analyst and a member of the Glasgow University Media Group, talks to us about how the US government quietly removing a group called ETIM from its list of terrorist organizations after fighting them in Afghanistan for years and how this is a purely political move now that the group has reinvented itself as an Uyghur separatist group that is fighting China. We also talk about Bill Gates and his foundation’s funding so many mainstream news organizations and what this means for the media landscape, and Blinken’s statements regarding support for Mahmoud Abbas despite the fact that he has lost his legitimacy in the eyes of the Palestinians.

    Nate Wallace, creator and co-host of the podcast Redspin Sports, talks to us about how sports can be used as a tool by neo-liberalism to distract from how it ravages poor communities, and the Asahi Shimbun newspaper is calling on the government to cancel the Summer Olympics in Tokyo over COVID concerns.

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