02:08 GMT20 June 2021
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    'Apartheid-like' Situation in Israel; Asylum Seeking in the US; Electoral Alternatives

    Political Misfits
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    What the fight against apartheid in South Africa can teach us about the struggle for Palestinian rights.

    Bill Fletcher Jr., longtime trade unionist, writer and a past president of TransAfrica Forum, talks to us about the parallels between the apartheid state in South Africa and the conditions that Palestinians live in both in Israel and the occupied territories, how support for apartheid in the US was disguised as a fight against communism in the region, and how attitudes began to change and how people mobilized against apartheid. We also talk about what the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement can learn from the struggles against the fight against apartheid in South Africa and how these can be applied to fight for justice for the Palestinians.

    Jason Dzubow, immigration attorney specializing in political asylum and appeals, and writer for The Asylumist, talks us about the complicated process of seeking asylum in the United States, whether the Biden administration will roll back the Trump administration’s clampdown on asylum seekers and what changes to policies would be possible in the future. We also talk about whether there is an urgency to tackle this issue among political circles, and the best strategies to lobby for the rights of asylum seekers.

    Christina Tobin, founder of Free and Equal, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber in a conversation about elections, electoral fairness and new alternatives beyond the two-party system and how blockchain technology can help ensure a more democratic process that could bypass elite gatekeeping. We also talk about the rise in the number of new political options in the country with the Democratic Socialists of America and the Party of Socialism and Liberation recently increasing their numbers, and whether mainstream media has fairly treated the emergence of these new political alternatives.

    The Misfits also talk about the Department of Justice releasing part of the memo that cleared Trump of Russiagate accusations, and Florida becoming the first state to regulate how companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter moderate speech online.

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