18:27 GMT25 January 2021
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    COVID-19 Puts Greater Strain on Health Systems; Rockford Residents Stand Up Against Police Brutality

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    COVID-19 daily death totals have set new records and dismantled many health care systems. How can the damage be repaired?

    Dr. Bill Honigman, California state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America and co-coordinator of its Healthcare Human Rights Issue Organizing Team, joins us to discuss the more infectious UK coronavirus strain that has been confirmed in some 50 territories, including several US states; the South African strain has been found in 20 countries; and now we have perhaps another variant in Japan and Brazil. How worried should we be about these different strains?

    Community activists Ari Perez and Bea Middleton, who are based in of Rockford, Illinois, join us to discuss the growing number of organizers and activists in smaller towns and cities across the United States who have taken to the streets to demand accountability for police brutality. In Rockford, activists had set up a 24-hour occupation of the City Hall following the non-lethal shooting of unarmed Black man Tyris Jones by the Rockford Police Department on October 2, 2020.

    Nick Davies, a peace activist and author of "Blood on Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq,” joins us to discuss what US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said about Iran on Tuesday, conjuring up a purported nexus of Iran and al-Qaeda*. He said he was publicly confirming what was reported a couple of months ago: that the man described as al-Qaeda’s No. 2, Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was killed in Tehran in August 2019. Pompeo said the US had imposed sanctions on two Iran-based al-Qaeda leaders, as well as leaders of the al-Qaeda Kurdish Battalions. What should we make of this supposed connection between Iran and al-Qaeda, and the timing of these announcements?

    Antone Barnes, founder and CEO of Brand Architects; and Chris Jenkins, award-winning journalist, political strategist and producer of the award-winning documentary "Trapped: Cash Bail in America,” join us for our Foul Play segment, where we look at the best and mostly the worst of sports.

    *A terrorist organization, banned in Russia

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