00:47 GMT28 November 2020
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    Biden's Labor Strategy; The Tax Game; The Darker Side of Immigration

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    Mainstream media tends to paint Democrats as “good for labor," but is that true?

    Karleigh Webb, journalist, videographer, anti-imperialist and labor and trans rights organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Connecticut; and Chris Smalls, former Amazon employee and founder of The Congress of Essential Workers, join us with a look at who’s represented on Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s so-called "transition team" when it comes to labor and what kind of fight workers are gearing up for under a new administration.

    Steve Grumbine, founder and CEO of Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action and host of the podcast Macro n Cheese, joins us to discuss a new proposal by Deutsche Bank strategist Luke Templeman that working from home be taxed. He says workers who aren’t leaving their houses aren’t paying into infrastructure that already exists. The proposal suggests a salary tax of 5% on people who choose to work from home, which would be paid by their employers. That money would then be paid out as grants to people who can’t work from home and who don’t make much money. Surely there’s another way to support low-income workers than by taxing people for staying home?

    Abe Paulos, deputy director of communications and policy at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, joins us to talk about the harsh realities facing African refugees and immigrants in the United States, as well as what immigration policies advocates are demanding from the future Biden administration.

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