04:35 GMT27 October 2020
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    What Work Gets Recognized for a Nobel Prize?

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    Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson nab the Nobel Prize in Economics for auction theory.

    Dr. Jack Rasmus, who teaches economics and politics at St. Mary’s College of California and is the author of the book "The Scourge of Neoliberalism: US Economic Policy from Reagan to Trump", joins us to discuss the recent Nobel Prize winners in economics. What does it tell us in general about what is studied and rewarded in that field, and what is ignored?

    Dr. Yolandra Hancock, a board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist, joins us to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on childcare and development. There has been a  significant drop in kindergarten enrollment. And looking through a wider lens what is the impact on the whole public education system? How will it affect funding? 

    Brianna Griffith, producer and host of the People's Republic radio show in Austin, Texas, joins us to discuss a range of topics that include: Pete Butiegge is now the new slayer; Biden is making an increasingly aggressive pitch to moderate voters, and the latest on Lindsay Graham's political fight!

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