06:19 GMT21 October 2020
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    Biden Trump Showdown; DOJ Goes After Big Tech; ICE to Go After Sanctuary Cities

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    What was supposed to be the first presidential debate, ended in all out confusion.

    Medea Benjamin, Co-founder of Code Pink, Dr. Clarence Lusane, African-American author, activist, lecturer and former chair of the Political Science Department at Howard University, joins us to discuss Tuesday's presidential debate and brawl. The first showdown between President Trump and Joe Biden is being described by many as chaotic, combative, and a disgrace. Trump spent most of the 90 minutes interrupting, shouting, even ignoring the moderator. Two more debates are set for next month.  

    Patrick D. Anderson, a visiting assistant professor of philosophy at Grand Valley State University, contributor to Black Agenda Report and editor-in-chief of the WikiLeaks Bibliography, joins us to discuss that as soon as next week, the US Justice Department is going to strike its first real blow at a major tech company since it opened anti-trust investigations into Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. They’re going after Google - the lawsuit focuses on Google search results. It accuses Google of trying to disadvantage search engine rivals by depriving them of the data about users and user preferences that they need to improve and to advertise to people. We'll also look at a WaPo report that says the Trump administration is planning to use ICE for an “immigration enforcement blitz next month that would target arrests in US cities and jurisdictions that have adopted “sanctuary” policies.”

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