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    Down Goes Warren! Russia, Turkey Come to Fragile Syria Deal

    Political Misfits
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    Another one bites the dust as Elizabeth Warren wraps up her presidential campaign. Russia seems victorious in diplomatic deal with Turkey.

    Elizabeth Warren is out, the latest Democratic contender to call it a day in the 2020 race. Meanwhile, Sanders has turned over a new leaf and seems finally willing to go on the attack. The senator is drawing sharper contrasts between himself and rival Joe Biden, who simply cannot stop fumbling, promising higher health premiums and health care that is “only affordable.” Thanks, Joe!

    Kathy Kelly, American peace activist and author, founding member of Voices in the Wilderness and co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, joined hosts Bob Schlehuber and Jamarl Thomas to discuss the strange peace deal in Afghanistan, which can apparently accommodate one party - the US - bombing the other - the Taliban. How peace can be achieved when some of the main players to the deal have so much to gain by making war is a mystery. Will the International Criminal Court inquiry into US and other war crimes in Afghanistan be a step toward some measure of accountability?

    Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Syria, told the misfits it appears that Russia had won on points in its diplomatic bout with Turkey on Syria. Turkey has had to back off its biggest demands and Syria will not relinquish the territorial control it has. Erdogan appears to have alienated most potential supporters, but with an agreement that can only hold a few weeks or months, Idlib’s future remains in doubt. 

    Brandon Sutton, host of The Discourse podcast and everyone’s favorite Twitter lefty, came with some advice for Bernie Sanders: make it known that the Democratic Party is shutting you out because of your ideas, not over manners or any other faux bones of contention. The more you let them dodge this ideological conversation, the more they win. Our gentlemen discussed the rise and fall of Warren’s campaign, who she might endorse and why, and what she does and doesn’t offer as a potential running mate.

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