05:15 GMT +324 March 2017
    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the test if a T-50 fifth generation fighter

    Russia Stronger Than Any Potential Aggressor - Putin

    © Sputnik/ Alexei Druzhinin
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    Russia is now stronger than any potential aggressor, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at an expanded Defense Ministry board meeting.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Putin added that much remains to be done to strengthen Russia's nuclear triad.

    "We can say with confidence that we are now stronger than any potential aggressor," Putin said.

    "I would like to draw your attention to the fact that if we just allow ourselves to relax even for a minute, allow at least one major failure in the modernization of the army and navy, in the training of the troops, the situation may change fast," Putin said.


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    • Michael Calvin
      Obama: - Russia is just a regional power.
      (In secret: Obama: - I mean we want them to be a regional power they treaten our interest )
      Some months Later
      Obama: - Russia is an important country with a strong military second to ours
      (In secret:Obama: - Russia has a military more powerful than ours)
      Some months Later
      Putin: - United States is a very powerful country and the only superpower of todays world
      (Behind the Kremlin Doors: Putin: - Those American clowns, they are no match to us)
      Putin: - Russia is stronger than any potential aggressor
      Obama and OTAN: - we need greater military spending
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      This is really Putin's main legacy; making Russia a military superpower again. I do not agree with some other measures he brought, but he would be always admired for what he has done to empower Russia.
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      Talk like this have as effect preventing anyone willing to start, on wrong data, a war to end all wars. With as motif the solution for all world problems. One of them is the world population. Another printed money. Climate to. But the big one is Russia. For Europe an U.S the ultimate wet dream. The Belgian clown Verhofstadt dreams, work, for nothing else. He, with Dutch clown van Baalen, as the voices of never enough.
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      the halfbreed clown in Washington will no doubt be delighted to hear that...
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      Yes for now as Russia has modernized well. Only problem the older US missiles can't be stopped either as S-500 isn't fast enough .So yes but a nuclear war will end with almost no missiles being stopped sounds like everyone dies. Conventional war with the US it's been stated as doctrine that Russia would use nuclear weapons although maybe tactical but no difference use of nuclear weapons by either side would be the beginning of ww3. He does have some neat stuff but the US is now building the next generation of nuclear weapons although not ready. The missiles that are older travel at a higher rate of speed than most new ones so doubt any shoot downs as said S-500 just below the needed. So still as usual WW3 will end the same as it always would have. Only difference is both sides have much less warheads than in the past.But their are other things to disable missiles that are soon going to be reality.For now it doesn't matter as nuclear war will still end as always projected.
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      Denis the Menacein reply toTornado_Doom(Show commentHide comment)
      Tornado_Doom, Also, Putin is a modern day Crusader, fighting in his own way for Christianity in countries like Syria.
    • Gentle Eaglein reply toCrowbar(Show commentHide comment)
      Crowbar, nuclear war would be miserable, especially for whoever is getting the scorching, the fallout and radioactive aftermath is neither a funny one. And Russia has great capabilities and weapons the West have not even any analogues to as yet. Russia is a truly formidable power, and quoting President Putin in reverse to the so called West: It would only be in a mad person's dream to attack Russia!
      I mean even dare, and when they awoke from this dream they'd really got to be insane to even attempt. Russia is not a joke by any standards if you really knew that or fully understood.
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      No Russia is no joke and never has been. I understand their upgrades , missiles and yields.Nuclear weapons have interested me very much since the days of the cold war when the Persian IIs and SS-20s were in use.I understand the effects of different yield weapons.My dad use to deal in missiles as his job during the cold war as did many of others here.The Redstone Rocket was designed and tested here as well as getting its name from here.It was the first ballistic missile to ever carry a live warhead and detonate one over the Pacific. Although Russia had a ballistic missile first it wasnt live tested first .But even the Saturn V moon rocket was tested here before I was born but many say it vibrated the ground well outside the city.But you are correct as I've always respected Russia and their capabilities.I was just stating although they have a lot newer types and zig zagging warheads neither side has a large capability over the other although our missiles are old and some relics they are upgraded and reliable.But it appears Russia is building or completed some megaton class weapons one that will replace the SS-18 and a underwater drone for coastal cities.They have many new weapons that are no joke but in the end almost all weapons from both sides would reach their target.Trump will be following Russia on future upgrades as we have fallen behind on modernizing.But my comment was more or less saying neither side can stop an attack as neither side has a guaranteed way to shoot down but a handful of the others.Its like like comparing a old .45 to a new .45 .One might be nicer but the old one is no less deadly than the new one.I never saw a war with Russia as winnable for either side. But I'm very aware of nuclear weapons and their abilities and the destruction they could cause.But you are right only a fool would dream of attacking Russia.But it's a 2 way street as anyone attacking the US would met the same fate.Although Russia does have newer modern weapons ,etc. The US has stuff coming online soon that Russia or China are no were near. But as it's always been neither side has much advantage over the other as nuclear war both sides will be ashes.No there is nothing funny about nuclear war especially when you live near a known target. I look forward to peace hopefully when Trump is elected things will calm down.But yes I completely understand that Russia is not a joke by any means but on that note the US is no joke either with its nuclear ability.A nuclear war would be the end of both nations and no one wants that.We can only hope soon both nations can work together for a common goal as the thought of war is scary.
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