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    October 12, 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the plenary session Preserving Responsibility. Expanding Opportunities of the 8th annual Russia Calling! Investment Forum organized by VTB Capital at the World Trade Center in Moscow.

    Putin: Russia Knows Who's Responsible for Attack on UN Aid Convoy Near Aleppo

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    Attack on UN Aid Convoy Near Aleppo (37)

    Russia knows who is really behind the attack on the UN humanitarian convoy near Aleppo, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday. It is one of the terrorist groups, he added.

    "We see what's happening. It's just baseless accusations that Russia is the cause of all mortal sins. But we know who attacked this humanitarian convoy. This was one of the terrorist groups. And we know that the US is well aware of this. But they prefer to blame Russia. This won't help," Putin said at the VTB forum "Russia is calling".

    On September 19, a UN-Syrian Arab Red Crescent convoy carrying humanitarian aid for the Aleppo province was hit by a strike, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). As a result, 18 of 31 trucks were destroyed and at least 21 individuals were killed.

    Several Western officials, including the ones from the White House, have blamed the attack on Russia and Syria. The Russian authorities have refuted the allegations and claimed there was no airstrike, while the load of the convoy could be set on fire most probably by Nusra Front militants controlling the area. Moscow called for a thorough investigation into the incident.

    Intimidation against Russia has never worked and will never work, Russian President Vladimir Putin said commenting on pressure exerted on Moscow in relation to settlement of the Syrian crisis.

    “This is what I was speaking about recently, this method of doing things on the international arena which is called intimidation and pressure. This has never worked and will never work against Russia,” the president said.

    Attack on UN Aid Convoy Near Aleppo (37)


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      The Emperor is already walking naked. Lets cover the US Evil with more shame?
    • Drain the swamp
      Can we also be told WHO gave the instructions to the terrorist group and we can hang obama,kerry and power all at the same time !!
    • avatar
      waiting for the details. Kids of 3 years old.....you lie, no you lie.....etc.
      But who would have the courage of telling that he did it and why.
      Only population are suffering for.....
    • avatar
      Lies have short legs. Also, finding who is at fault is easy if you ask the questions "who benefits" and "who loses" from the bombing?
      The answer to the first question is "the USA and their friends on the ground." and to the second "Syrian government and Russia."
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      mzungu in Africa
      The truth hardly ever makes it to the controlled media and the sheep wouldn't want to know it either. They dig their heads deeper and deeper into the sand.
    • Anton KOMAROV
      The truth has to be told,otherwise the Neocon Nazis of the USA will embed the lies in the public's memory like they have done for so long.until the opposite version is on record,the lie will stand but long term the truth will prevail.
    • avatar
      Exactly, Mr. President Putin. This, about Russians, is what I have been telling everybody who wanted to listen since years ago. Exactly your words. Russian culture and civilization.
    • choticastile
      Exactly!! It counts for much too, that with ordinary people globally closely following what is happening on the ground in Syria and at this moment in Aleppo, we all already knew that the US' terrorist band of evil doers, perpetrated the UN Aid Convoy attack, in order to blame Russia... same old story as they did with MH17 .... US treachery today is known and condemned and despised throughout the world.
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      A true man of courage and dignity. Bravo Mr Putin.
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      Denis the Menacein reply toAthanasios(Show commentHide comment)
      Athanasios, The US has special ops on the ground helping the nice ,child killing terrorists. They've been there for some time now.
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      Countless times USA has hit or was involved in hitting non military targets in numerous countries.
      One of the spectacular non-military target was World Trade Center on Sep 11 with drone airliners.
      Before asking who did 911 ask who benefits from it most and you will see the answer unfold today.
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      Shame shame on the coalition. The more you blame the deeper your grave.
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      Athanasiosin reply toDenis the Menace(Show commentHide comment)
      Denis the Menace, that's correct, thanks.
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      Denis the Menacein reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      copius, Those airliners were piloted by Saudi Nationals, working for the Saudis and the CIA. My opinion of course.
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