12:01 GMT01 August 2021
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    The UK's Labour party is wrestling with a widening gap over the EU membership status, Brendan Chilton, the head of the Labour Leave campaign, told Sputnik.

    LONDON (Sputnik) — The Labour party is struggling with a widening internal gap between the parliamentarians who say that Britain should remain in the European Union and Labour voters who predominantly support Brexit, Brendan Chilton, the head of the Labour Leave campaign, told Sputnik.

    "There is indeed a split in the Labour party. Most MPs are for staying in, but there is an enormous number of Labour voters that are for leaving. It's around half of the Labour voters. But they are not represented by their members of parliament. So the Labour party is having a real problem," Chilton said.

    He explained that among Labour party members, around 40 percent support Brexit. But among the Labour party supporters, this number is much higher.

    "That is where the split is. Labour MPs are going to get a real shock on Thursday [June 23], when they go back to their constituencies and find that most of their constituents do not agree with them. They have to somehow bridge that gap after the referendum," Chilton said.

    On Thursday, Britons will vote in a referendum on whether the country should remain part of the European Union.

    Brexit (289)


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