05:24 GMT24 July 2021
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    Brexit (289)

    General Secretary of Labour Leave campaign Brendan Chilton told Sputnik that Brexit was unlikely to fuel separatism within Britain.

    LONDON (Sputnik) — The United Kingdom's possible exit from the European Union (Brexit) is unlikely to fuel separatism movement in Scotland and Northern Ireland, General Secretary of Labour Leave campaign Brendan Chilton told Sputnik.

    "Scotland did reject independence [at a referendum]. So if the UK votes to leave, we are voting as the UK, not as its constituent parts. If Scotland wanted to leave the UK after Brexit, it would be outside the pound area, and also outside the EU. Therefore, Scotland would have to re-apply to join the EU, and it would have to set the euro… In terms of the Northern Ireland, it is pretty split on the issue [of remaining a UK's part]. There are unionists and nationalists," Chilton said.

    He added that there were no reasons for the split within the United Kingdom.

    "The remain side [pro-EU membership campaign] is just using these arguments as a scary story," Chilton said.

    Brexit (289)


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