18:08 GMT18 January 2021
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    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (72)

    Moscow’s withdrawal from Syria is a positive move and would contribute to the peaceful process in the war-torn country, analysts said.

    According to British Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski, the certain results Russia achieved in its Syrian campaign will help the West and NATO revise their stance on working with Russia.

    "Russia has decided to take this risk by intervening in the conflict in Syria. And it would appear it has really paid off. Russian activity in Syria has been a catalyst for bringing about a cessation to the appalling tragedy that has unfolded in that country over the last five years," he told RT.

    The politician expressed hopes that now the West would understand the necessity to cooperate with Russia to fight terrorism as well as other issues.

    "The actions of Russia in Syria and it’s now pulling its troops out after the job has been done, I very much hope this is the catalyst for reassessment of how NATO and the West can effectively engage with Russia," Kawczynski pointed out.

    Jim Jatras, former US diplomat, GOP Senate policy adviser, agreed that the Russian aerial campaign in Syria has accelerated the peace process.

    "With regard to the political process, let’s keep in mind that we wouldn’t be talking about the political process if it were not for the Russian air intervention," Jatras underscored.

    He added that the pullout of Russian forces will send a positive signal to all sides involved in the Syrian crisis.

    "Moscow obviously believes the Syrian army and Hezbollah and Iranian forces are capable of keeping the territory they’ve occupied and taken back from the rebels and perhaps even make further progress," British historian Martin McCauley pointed out.

    According to him, the withdrawal of Russian forces proved that certain goals have been achieved, but in general there can be no military solution to the Syrian conflict.

    In turn, UK-based journalist Neil Clark underscored that the pullout announcement was quite surprising because the Russian operation was a "game changer" in Syria.

    "This announcement may just encourage the enemies of Syria, the countries that want Syria to be divided and partitioned. It might encourage them to step up their backing of the so-called rebels," he said.

    "President Putin wouldn’t be announcing this if he didn’t feel sure that that wouldn’t happen. […] It is not a whole withdrawal but partial withdrawal – the Russians are going to keep their bases there so that they can quickly move back in if the situation reverses and ISIS [Daesh] starts to claim territory again," he concluded.

    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (72)


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