23:35 GMT04 August 2020
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    A Saudi-backed Syrian opposition group, the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) released a statement on Thursday, obtained by Sputnik, to the recent Russia-US statement on a cessation of hostilities in Syria.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — This week, Russia and the United States announced an agreement on the cessation of hostilities between the Syrian government and armed opposition factions in the country. The agreement will come into force on February 27.

    "The HNC confirms its commitment to a political solution to the conflict through the creation of a temporary governing body… in which there is no room for [incumbent President] Bashar Assad and his entourage. This is in accordance with UN resolution 2254 and other resolutions," the document reads.

    The UN Security Council Resolution 2254, passed in December, reaffirms the goals of previous agreements to end the bombardment of civilians in Syria, bring the entire spectrum of political groups in the crisis-torn country to the negotiating table and promote a lasting political resolution of the crisis.

    The High Negotiations Committee (HNC) demands clear determination of a timeframe for the cessation of hostilities in Syria, which could be extended if successful, the HNC said in a statement released Thursday.

    "It is necessary to determine a precise and clear timeframe for the beginning and the end of the ceasefire. We believe that the truce could be extended after two weeks, if it proves to be successful."

    Areas controlled by the Syrian opposition must be clearly defined before the cessation of hostilities enters into force in order to avoid errant Russian and Syrian government airstrikes.

    "The text of the agreement does not contain a clear definition of areas that will not be subject to the truce due to being controlled by groups designated as terrorist by the UN Security Council."

    "It is necessary to define these areas before the truce enters into force in order to ensure that Russia, Iran and [Syrian] government forces adhere to it," the remarks read.

    The committee also stated that the implementation of the truce needs to be monitored by a committee based on the Friends of Syria Group.


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