21:20 GMT24 February 2021
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    Iran's Nuclear Program Amid Western Sanctions (551)
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    The new resolution will set a timeline to lift existing sanctions.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United Nations (UN) Security Council will review a resolution next week setting a timeline to undo existing sanctions on Iran as part of the nuclear deal with Iran, a senior US official said Tuesday during a conference call with reporters.

    “We will be introducing, probably as early as next week, a resolution at the UN Security Council that is supported by the P5 [permanent Security Council members] along with our German colleagues… that will establish a timeline for all of the issues under the [previous] US Security Council resolution,” a senior US official said.

    US President Barack Obama will contact foreign counterparts including the leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia to discuss the Iran nuclear deal, the senior US official said.

    “He [Obama] will certainly speak to the prime minister of Israel,” the official said. “And I certainly expect that he would speak to the king of Saudi Arabia.”

    Obama to Reach Out to Congress to Gather Support for Iran Deal

    Obama will be actively engaging members of the US Congress on the Iran nuclear deal.

    “I would expect him [Obama] to be talking to the members of Congress very actively. He will be doing additional engagements with the members of Congress throughout the week,” the official stated.

    The Republican-controlled US Congress will have 60 days to review the deal reached between Iran and international powers. Republicans have largely opposed the Iran deal, while most Democrats have backed the president.

    If half of both the House and Senate disapprove of the Iran deal, Obama will veto the resolution, sending it back to the Congress where it must garner a two-thirds vote to override the president's veto.

    Iran's Nuclear Program Amid Western Sanctions (551)


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