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    Arseniy Yatsenyuk

    Ukrainian Prime Minister is Not Sure About His Job Duties

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    Ukrainian Prime Minister seems to be living on another planet. This time Arseniy Yatsenyuk surprised everyone saying that he is not responsible for the crash of the Ukrainian currency and the economic crisis in the country.

    Ukraine’s Arseniy Yatsenyuk does not cease to amaze the public with his bizarre perception of the world; this time, the Prime Minister said he had nothing to do with the economic crisis in Ukraine and is not responsible for the wreck of the hryvnia, Russia Insider reported.

    When asked how people in Ukraine could live off of their little salaries given that the Ukrainian currency has fallen dramatically against the greenback and now equals to more than 30 UAH per dollar, the Prime Minister made a surprised face and replied with: “Why are you asking me? Read the national constitution. There it says who is responsible for the national currency. It’s the National Bank.”

    Alright, so it is the National Bank of Ukraine and its Chairman Valeriya Hontareva who is solely responsible for crushing the country’s economy, according to Yatsenyuk. We get it. However, one thing begs the question: what are the exact duties and job responsibilities of the Ukrainian Prime Minister, the head of the Ukrainian government who presides over the Cabinet of Ministers?

    Perhaps, it is hard for average folks in the West to grasp what exactly is going on in Ukraine right now, but it should be a no-brainer for anyone to tell that a Prime Minister in any country should, at the very least, be somewhat responsible for the economic crisis that a country is facing.

    Ukraine’s Yatsenyuk seems to be living on another planet. Earlier this year, he had another bizarre comment during his trip to Berlin, stating that it was the USSR that invaded Germany, not the other way round.


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