18:32 GMT28 July 2021
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    • Participants of the grand parade are singing to mark the party's anniversary.
    • Chinese president Xi Jinping  applauding above huge portrait of chairman Mao.
    • The Chinese Communist Party first announced plans to hold grand celebrations to mark its 100th anniversary in March.
    • Kids are watching grand parade as the second largest party in the world is getting ready to step into the next century of its activities.
    • Chinese military helicopters are forming the number 100 in the sky.
    • Military orchestra is setting the rhythm for the celebrations.
    • Chinese president Xi Jinping is addressing the nation on the party's 100th anniversary.
    • The emblem of the Communist Party of China is a stylised version of hammer and sickle.
    • People are sending thousands of balloons into the sky to mark a century since the communist party was founded.
    • Chinese military unites are marching during the grand parade.
    • Students waiving flags during the celebration of the CCP's 100th anniversary at the Tiananmen square.
    • Fishing boats near Hong Kong fly the Chinese flag.
    • People are taking pictures at the grand celebration.
    • Military band's percussionists are standing still.
    • People arrived at the grand parade from many parts of China to whiteness one of the most glittering event of this year.
    • People are taking pictures of the military airshow.
    • Thousands of red flags are streamed up in the sky.
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    Participants of the grand parade are singing to mark the party's anniversary.

    Although members of the Chinese Communist Party celebrate the anniversary of the party's foundation on 1 July, some historians suggest this might be inaccurate and that the party was actually founded on 23 July 1921, when the 1st National Congress of the CCP took place in Shanghai.

    The second-largest political party in the world, with more than 90 million members, marks the 100th anniversary of its founding on 1 July. The party was founded  by two pioneers of the communist movement in China - Li Dazhao, who, at the time, was Head Librarian and Professor at Peking University, and Chen Duxiu, philosopher and author.

    In 2021, the number of CCP members very nearly reached 91 million, which represents about 6.4 percent of China’s 1.4 billion population. It is second in size only to India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party which has about 180 million members.

    Large-scale festivities have been organised across the country, and the leadership has gathered at Tiananmen Square in Beijing for a meeting. More than 70,000 guests participated in the event.

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