09:11 GMT30 October 2020
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    • Empty streets in the centre of one of the financial capitals of the world - Shanghai, China.
    • This is how the election campaign in the United States is proceeding - amid strict social distancing measures. Photo - a meeting is being held by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.
    • Meanwhile, in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, doctors are fighting for the life of a patient with COVID-19.
    • Liverpool, UK, has strict restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus. In the photo - a passer-by in a mask walks along a deserted street.
    • Due to the coronavirus, many countries have switched to distance learning. In the photo, a girl is listening to a lesson while sitting at home at her computer in Brooklyn, New York, US.
    • In the Canary Wharf business district in London, a huge screen reminds of the rules for wearing masks. The number of people on the streets has dropped significantly.
    • Masked protests. A group of civil society activists in London are holding a rally outside the world famous publishing house Conde Nast, demanding to protect the principles of free speech.
    • Although a regular session of the UN General Assembly is taking place, the building of the United Nations in New York is deserted. These are also the consequences of the pandemic.
    • A huge screen in an empty UN room broadcasts the speeches of the leaders of different countries. In the photo - a speech by US President Donald Trump.
    • This is how during the pandemic, cancer patient Mohammed al-Faifi, a teacher from Saudi Arabia, conducts distance Arabic lessons from a hospital in Riyadh for his students.
    • Even on board small private aircraft, personal protection and masking regulations are respected. On the photo - the candidate for the Vice-President of the United States from the Democratic Party, Senator Kamala Harris.
    • Bans and restrictions hit many areas of business. Both large companies and small ones suffered. Here you can see a sad masked seller awaits buyers at an empty fish market in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    • In some countries, the work of beauty salons is currently temporarily prohibited. Salons work in Mexico, but their employees stay masked.
    • The rate of spread of coronavirus in India is growing so much that soon this country may become the first in the world in terms of the number of infected. On the photo - medical workers conduct thermal screening of residents of poor regions of India.
    •  A young masked girl places United States flags in memory of those killed by COVID-19 on the National Mall in Washington. In the United States, the death toll from coronavirus has exceeded 200 thousand people.
    • Meanwhile, life goes on. On the photo you can see is a professional nurse in the United States getting ready for work wearing protective clothing outside in the open air. Then she will enter the building to the patient.
    • How to stop the pandemic? Epidemiologists and scientists from different countries are fighting over this issue. On the Photo - German Minister of Health Jens Spahn in the Bioscientia Healthcare laboratory, where COVID-19 research is being carried.
    Empty streets in the centre of one of the "financial capitals of the world" - Shanghai, China.

    The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live in many countries. Wearing masks, social distancing.... These rules are already ingrained and, in many places, have become the 'new normal'. Have a look at pictures from different countries in our photo gallery.

    Although part of the public in different countries resists the restrictions imposed by the authorities, in general there are no exceptions. Social distancing and wearing masks is mandatory in buildings and transport, and somewhere in the streets.

    Some states went for stricter bans, others limited themselves to minimal ones. However, it is clear that there is no perfect recipe, the number of cases continues to grow, and the economies of many countries are in crisis.

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