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    • A girl enjoys standup paddleboarding in Sochi
    • Swimmers in the 'Circus' beach in Sochi
    • A girl walks near the 'Riviera' beach in central Sochi
    • A pigeon sits on top of a sunshade umbrella on the 'Circus' beach in Sochi
    • People taking the sun by the sea in Sochi
    • People enjoy a warm summer day on a beach, in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia.
    • A couple walk along the 'Riviera' beach in central Sochi
    • Adults and children enjoy summer on the 'Circus' beach in Sochi
    © Sputnik / Nina Zotina
    A girl enjoys standup paddleboarding in Sochi

    Some people have all the luck. Despite borders being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic these happy holidaymakers have the chance to spend a few days by the sea - and all without leaving their home country.

    Sochi, a Black Sea resort city in Russia, has long been a popular destination for tourists from all over the country. 

    In the run-up to hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, the city saw many sports facilities built that are still being used by athletes and amateur sportspeople today.

    Sochi has a humid subtropical climate, and it equally attracts those who like hot weather and sea bathing as well as those who like refreshing walks in the mountains. 

    Check out Sputnik's gallery to learn more about Sochi and maybe plan a trip there (once the borders are reopened). 

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