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    • Photo Combat by Max Alpert
    • Scouts force the Kuban floods.
    • Artillery crew firing at the enemy. North Caucasus.
    • Woman on the ashes in a Belarusian village
    • Peaceful memories. Stalingrad, 1943
    • Taken captive by Soviet forces directed to the rear, 2nd Ukrainian front
    • Balloon on Nevsky Prospekt in Leningrad.
    • The soldiers stand on the wreckage of one of the German pillboxes blown up by Soviet troops. Leningrad Front.
    • A mother shelters her child during the shelling. Bryansk Front 1941.
    • Mobilization during Great Patriotic War, June 23, 1941
    • Soldiers during exercises, Bryansk Front
    • Soviet soldiers receive mail, 2nd Belorussian Front
    • Drills of infantry reserves.
    • The rays of the searchlights of the air defence troops illuminate the sky of Moscow. Moscow, June 1941.
    • Major Mozgov’s tank during a battle in the Zmiev area, Southwestern Front
    • Preparing the aircraft for takeoff.
    • Medics helping wounded soldiers, the Crimean Front
    • Soviet soldiers of the 115th division, Major General Konkov Vasily Fomich, are preparing for battle on the left bank of the Neva, captured by the division. Leningrad Front.
    • Leningrad during the shelling. 1 March  1942
    • Residents of besieged Leningrad are collecting water from a broken water supply on an icy street.
    • Residents of the capital on 22 June 1941 during a radio announcement on the German attack on the USSR
    • Anti-aircraft gunners guard the sky over the liberated Sevastopol.
    • K. Mikhailov nurse during the battle bandages the wounded, Crimea
    • Yak-9 fighter
    • Residents of the village of Omolitsa welcome the Soviet pilot Semen Boyko, who flew first to Yugoslav land.
    • Soviet machine gunners during street battles in the area of Grafskaya pier in Sevastopol
    • Captured Six Barrel Mortars
    • Victory Banner over Berlin
    © Sputnik / Max Alpert
    Photo "Combat" by Max Alpert

    Already by the very first days of the war, photojournalists were at the frontline. After all, you can’t cover the war from afar. Therefore, photojournalists went to the front and worked from the trenches, from tanks on the battlefield, and from bunkers, even from the windows of burning buildings...

    During the Battle of Stalingrad, front-line operators first encountered street fighting. But the rules of professional excellence were not repealed in the war. Instead of personal safety, photojournalists took care to get the correct exposure and maintain the technical quality of the footage.

    Seventy-five years separate us from the events of the Great Patriotic War. The evidence in the photographs, film frames, archival information and memoirs show the courage and exploits of the Soviet people.

    The number of Soviet casualties in the war are estimated to have exceeded 27 million. The military casualties alone exceeded 8.7 million, which is more than a half of the total allied death toll.

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