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    • A participant of GrelkaFest festival in Sheregesh, Russia's Siberia
    • Girls sunbathing during a race in Monaco
    • A girl has a fake suntan applied to her bikini line
    • A bikini fashion show in Paris
    • A bikini-clad girl washing a car
    • Chinese contestants take part in the 33rd Miss Bikini International competition in China
    • Miss United Kingdom, Brooke Johnston,  posing for photographers in a bikini made from lettuce
    • A model wears a bikini during Milan's 2004 Spring/Summer fashion week
    • Soviet youth relaxing at a beach in Kiev
    • Slovakia's national fitness team
    • A public beach in Sochi
    • Presentation of the Kingfisher Swimsuit Special  Australia 2006 calendar
    • A girl in bikini with an assault rifle at a beach in Israel, 1989
    • Actress Cameron Diaz surfs on the set of Charlie's Angels 2
    • A model demonstrates a bikini designed by George Davis in London
    • Models in bikinis pose for the media following a promotional flash mob dance performance in Tokyo, 2017
    • A model shows off a brown Lycra mini bikini included in  its 1974 Caribbean Look fashion collection from Woolworths
    • Neptune's Day Celebration in Sevastopol
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    A participant of GrelkaFest festival in Sheregesh, Russia's Siberia

    Summer is a perfect time for a beach holiday and International Bikini Day, which takes place on 5 July, is a perfect opportunity for the fairer sex to demonstrate their alluring two-piece swimsuits.

    Summer has just become a little hotter, as the world is celebrating International Bikini Day, commemorating the anniversary of the invention of the revealing bathing suit.

    The bikini was designed by Louis Reard in 1946 and revolutionised the concept of swimwear for women.

    The attire got its name from Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, which had been the site of nuclear detonations.

    Follow our gallery to enjoy photos of some stunningly beautiful bikinis and their equally stunningly beautiful owners.

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