21:05 GMT +316 December 2018
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    • Shpanberg Lighthouse in Kurils Nature Reserve at Shikotan Island
    • Kunashir Island Residents are Learning to Write Japanese Characters
    • Japanese Household Items Found Amid Excavations on Kunashir Island
    • Fishermen Trying to Catch Salmon Near the Okhotsk Sea Embankment on Kunashir Island.
    • The Warning Sign at the Border Control Zone on Shikotan Island
    • A Local Citizen is Practicing Gymnastics on Shikotan Island
    • Shikotan Island Residents are Cooking Crabs
    • Sea Urchin Production
    • The Representative of Visa-Free Japan's Delegation at Old Japanese Cemetery on Yuzhno-Kurilsk in Kunashir Island
    • Farewell Event for Visa-Free Departing Japanese Delegation on Kunashir Island
    • Monument Dedicated to Pioneers of Kuril Islands at the Central Square in Yuzhno-Kurilsk on Kunashir Island
    • A sunset on Kunashir Island
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    Shpanberg Lighthouse in Kurils Nature Reserve at Shikotan Island.

    The Kuril islands dispute has been souring relations between Russia and Japan for decades and remains the main stumbling block to signing a permanent peace treaty post-World War II.

    Russo-Japanese relations continue to develop steadily but are complicated by Tokyo’s continued territorial claims to the South Kurils archipelago. 

    Russia-Japan cultural exchange plays a special role in promoting the bilateral ties between the countries. The year 2018 has been announced as a Russo-Japanese cross-culture year.

    More and more Japanese citizens are traveling visa-free to the south Kurils under the July 2, 1986 agreement on mutual visits to Japanese and Russian burial sites.


    Russian Seismologists Register 5.4-Magnitude Earthquake Near Kuril Islands
    Japan Expresses Protest to Russia Over Missile Exercises on Kuril Islands
    Russia to Deploy Combat Jets on Kuril Island of Iturup
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