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    Vintage Car Rally in Moscow

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    • Participant of Retro Rally in Full Soviet Look
    • Ready to Roll
    • Final Preparations
    • Participants of 'Ingosstrakh Exclusive Classic Day' Car Rally
    • Participants of 'Ingosstrakh Exclusive Classic Day' Car Rally
    • Visitors Taking Pictures with Car Participating in 'Ingosstrakh Exclusive Classic Day'
    • Police Officer Checking on Classical Engines
    • Oldest Car Participating in 'Ingosstrakh Exclusive Classic Day'
    • Participants at Start of Retro Rally
    • Vintage Car on Display
    • Grand Participant of Retro Rally
    © Sputnik / Iliya Pitalev
    A woman in a Soviet car participating in the retro rally in Moscow on April 22.

    Vintage cars, having rolled off the production line before 1979, drove down the streets of Russia's capital. The best of the best are in Sputnik's gallery.

    Fifty engines of different epochs from the beginning of the 20th century till the late Soviet era drove down Moscow's central streets in a retro rally this weekend. Although the organizers spared the oldest creations of Russian and foreign engineering genius dating back to 1949 and earlier, other cars competed at full scale to the joy and surprise of passers-by. To find out more about these vintage cars, please refer to our gallery.


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