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    Sex Scandals and Politics

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    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    • Sex Scandals and Politics
    © AP Photo/ Evan Agostini
    The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, was was accused of having an affair with porn star and actress Stormy Daniels in 2006, when he was already married to Melania Trump. The news no doubt caused an avalanche of comments and debate over Trump’s personal life in mass media, but this was not the first such case in history.

    Modern politics resembles reality TV shows: rivals have no scruples about exploiting juicy details about each other; every politician wants to win, no matter what.

    So, compromising materials have become the most popular tool to get rid of opponents. No wonder sex scandals are appearing so often now.

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