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    • Volga passenger cars on the assembly line of the Gorky Automotive Plant
    • GAZ-21V car (modification of the GAZ-21 Volga) of the first series exhibited at the State Military-Technical Museum in the village of Ivanovskoe, Moscow region.
    • An exhibit at the antique car show held as part of the Motion project with support of the Moscow Museum of Retro Cars and collectors of retro vehicles in St. Petersburg. GAZ -21 of the second series, with a chrome deer on its hood.
    • Soviet pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov with daughter Irina washing their third-series GAZ-21.
    • The cabin and the panel board of a GAZ-21 Volga at the 13th Ilya Sorokin's Oldtimer Gallery, an exhibition of classic cars and antiques.
    • GAZ-22 Volga, a middle class station wagon produced on the basis of the GAZ-21.
    • Medical students work with ambulance teams in Frunze city during advanced training. GAZ-22s were often used as ambulance cars.
    • GAZ -23 was also produced on the basis of GAZ-21 and could accelerate up to 170 km/h or more. In official classified documents it was called a high-speed car and an escort vehicle, because it was a more powerful version specially designed for the KGB and other Soviet secret services.
    • Innokenty Smoktunovsky as Detochkin near the GAZ-21 car in a scene from Eldar Ryazanov's movie Watch Out For The Automobile (also known as Uncommon Thief).
    • GAZ-21 second series Volga seen during the Moscow Tram Festival.
    • Brussels-based firm Scaldia-Volga sells Soviet-made passenger cars in Belgium.
    • The Volga, a Soviet car, is popular in the Guinean Republic.
    • GAZ-21 taxi in Afghanistan, 2006. These cars still can be seen there on the streets, where they once again prove their reliability.
    • President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Then-President of the US George W. Bush ride in Putin's vintage GAZ-21 Volga of the second series during their meeting in Novo-Ogarevo, a presidential country residence outside the capitol.
    • A GAZ-21 Volga car on display at a vintage cars exhibition in St. Petersburg.
    • GAZ-21 Volga at the Oldtimer Gallery automotive show in Moscow.
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    Volga passenger cars on the assembly line of the Gorky Automotive Plant

    On October 10, 1956 the history of a legendary Russian automobile, the Volga, began:  THe first three production samples of the GAZ-21 were released from the assembly lines of the Gorky Automotive Plant. In total, around 640,000 vehicles were produced. Successful engineering solutions made the car a legend: its reliability is proven by the fact that some owners continue to use them until now.

    This vehicle was considered a breakthrough model in the Soviet automotive industry. The GAZ-21 became the first car in the USSR to feature an automatic transmission, and at the same time the first car in the world with an all-aluminum engine with wet cylinder liners. The appearance of the car could even compete with that of American automobiles. Thanks to these and other advantages of the Volga, in 1958 it was awarded the Grand Prix at the international exhibition in Brussels. After that success, GAZ-21s were exported to 75 countries around the world, and everyone took note of the high quality of the vehicle.

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