11:16 GMT11 July 2020
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    • Georgy Sedov, polar captain
    • The “Alexander Sibiriakov” steamboat ice-breaker
    • I.D.Papanin at the North Pole
    • Night at the Arctic
    • The rookery
    • Good mood
    • Ices of Greenland-5
    • The cockerels
    • The Putorana Plateau
    • Platform «Prirazlomnaya»
    • Nenets Autonomous Okrug
    • Ready for the Olympic relay
    • Ready for the Olympic relay
    • The Mil Mi-26
    • The Putorana Plateau
    © Photo : S. Burasovsky collection, http://www.mamm-mdf.ru/
    The expedition of Georgy Sedov, on board the "St. Foka the Martyr" to the North Pole in 1912, was one of the most exciting and heroic episodes in the history of the exploration of the Arctic.

    Above: A photo of Georgy Sedov, a polar captain, from
    S. Burasovsky collection.

    A photo exhibition devoted to the Arctic region and its exploration opens on November 18, at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow. The Arctic, the northernmost part of Earth, has attracted explorers and scientists for centuries. The exhibition comprises of two sections – historic and modern. The first part shows the most significant events of Arctic exploration history, while the other one sheds light on the unique ecosystem and beautiful landscapes of the region.

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