20:11 GMT20 June 2021
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    After most of the country went into lockdowns to check the spread of COVID, security forces were instructed to maintain corona protocols. Indian police have been instructed to collect nominal fines from lockdown violators, and leave them with a warning. In recent days however, several instances of police brutality have emerged in India.

    In a state that is ultra-protective of cows, a man in the city of Bariley, Uttar Pradesh (UP) was punished by the cops for not wearing a mask - in a shockingly brutal way.

    Large iron nails were hammered into the hands and feet of this relatively young man, whose name remains unclear in the clip.

    A video of the wailing man in pain emerged on social media on Tuesday, showing him narrating the horrible tale of how security personnel physically assaulted him and hammered nails into his body for not wearing a mask.

    WARNING! The following video is diturbing and may offend sensibilities

    ​As per Subhash Yadav who posted the video on his Facebook wall, the mother of this man blamed police officials from the Baradari police station in Bariley for physically assaulting her son.

    At present, UP Police have not publicly addressed the matter.

    This is not the first case of police brutality that has surfaced on India's social media segment.

    Last month in Indore, a major city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a 35 year old man was ruthlessly beaten up on a road by two police officers for not wearing a mask properly. As per media reports, the man, named Krishna Keyer, was an auto-rickshaw driver and was on the way to the hospital to meet his admitted father on the evening of 6 April. A child's voice crying for his "papa" can be heard in the background of the video that detailed the incident and went viral on social media.

    ​Mumbai Police have also drawn flak recently for making unmasked people do exercises under the scorching sun as punishment.

    ​After continuous incidents like these, time and again, Indians have pointed out that Indian cops must focus on assisting people and helping them instead of abusing the power that comes to them with their Khaki uniforms.


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