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    Can you imagine the reaction of the mainstream snowflake press if Nigel Farage or Donald Trump was accused of blacking up at a party, years ago and then said that they, “can't recall how many times they wore blackface makeup?”

    Both would have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by now and a whole Amazonian rainforest would have been destroyed to produce acres of newsprint condemning these ‘racist monsters.’

    We would have had wall to wall coverage on the BBC and Sky News of what their actions, twenty years ago, say about them and their personalities and whether this signifies that Britain is a racist country and that there is a real drift to the far right. You know the script by now!

    Nigel Farage, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) member and MEP, waits for the start of a debate on the last European Summit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, October 26, 2016.
    © REUTERS / Vincent Kessler
    Nigel Farage, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) member and MEP, waits for the start of a debate on the last European Summit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

    However, it was not Farage who did this but instead it is ‘ultra-woke’ Trudeau who has a poor memory of his past racist actions.

    I actually have some sympathy for him, to be honest, as the incidents appear to be from years ago but at the same time I am really enjoying his pain.

    This guy is so ‘woke’, he sleeps with one eye open. Like a social justice warrior US Marine he is permanently on the search of any politically correct misdemeanour from others so that he can virtue signal his own right on agenda.

    However, he is clearly not a racist, just like Farage isn’t or for that matter any one else who has ever blacked up years ago or watched The Back and White Minstrels or Love Thy Neighbour in the Seventies!

    Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during an election campaign stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada September 19, 2019
    Canada"s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during an election campaign stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    I am sick to the back teeth of this cultural revisionism and the idea that all politicians or anyone in public life has to have a background that is whiter than white, if I am allowed to still use that term. I am also sick and tired of the double standards of the MSM.

    Trudeau was 29 and a teacher in the first blacked up photo from 2001 and clearly should have known better or at least not been such a pompous diversity obsessed fool for all these years after his blacking up incidents.

    Let me be clear I think blacking up is totally unacceptable and is racist in 2019 and should be condemned but I am not without sin, so will not be the first one to throw stones.

    I owned a nightclub years ago and we used to hold Blues Brother’s parties where people came in fancy dress, mostly as Jake or Elwood. However, a few people came as the black preacher that James Brown played in the movie and they were blacked up.

    At the time it was funny and people understood there was no overt racist intent but nowadays of course I and most right-minded people would find it offensive and rightly so. Times, thank God, have moved on and we all understand racism more.

    But do I need to go back and purge these people from my memory in a Stalinist form of rewriting history? Of course, I don’t or shouldn’t have to. As Trudeau himself says, “I apologise profoundly,”. “I didn’t think it was racist at the time, but now I see, it was a racist thing to do. I’m pissed off at myself. I’m disappointed in myself.”

    Even though he is an uber-liberal I fully accept this point and we should all move on.

    BUT I want a level playing field for everyone in pubic life or in private life. The left are allowed to make ‘mistakes’ and are always right but the right are always WRONG in the modern world. This has to change.

    These kinds of rows are similar to the furore the MSM like to stir up abut whether a top politician has smoked a joint or had a snort of coke.

    Surely it only really matters if they're still doing it today? To be honest I wouldn’t really trust a leader who hadn’t lived a bit in their youth and yes that does include a bit of shagging, smoking spiffs and perhaps a line of coke.

    It means that they have actually lived in the real world. In fact, I wish our leaders instead of lying and saying that they didn’t inhale actually fessed up straight away. People want real leaders not angels, don’t they?

    Remember the fuss over Prince Harry wearing a Nazi fancy dress uniform back in 2005. He apologised but there were still pompous fools who were saying that he should be barred from entering Sandhurst because of this one stupid act.

    Britain's Prince Harry
    © AP Photo / Matt Dunham
    Britain's Prince Harry

    Doug Henderson, Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North and a former armed forces minister, said: “After the revelations this evening I don’t think this young man is suitable for Sandhurst. …..If it was anyone else, the application wouldn’t be considered. It should be withdrawn immediately.”

    Harry, of course went on to have a distinguished military career, set up the Invictus games and became the most popular Royal in the UK. Admittedly he is now just another ‘woke warrior’ but does his fancy dress misdemeanour mean all his other achievements are tarnished?

    People have pasts and unless we all want to live in an Orwellian nightmare where your career can be ended by a single (or several in Trudeau’s case!) incident in your past that was not a crime or an “ism” when you committed it then we all have to resist the cultural and social revisionism of the Cultural Marxists with all of our strength. Surely, we cannot create a new real or social crime and apply it to historical events, can we?

    We must resist this kind of censorship wherever it occurs even when it is with a woke hypocrite like Trudeau.

    The same with looking back at films and light entertainment.

    Of course, we don’t want a remake of the Black and White Minstrels but to condemn anyone who appeared on it as a racist is pathetic and cultural revisionism. Where would Lenny Henry be without that show?!

    I am afraid Wing Commander Guy Gibson’s dog in the Dambusters’ film and in real life was called Nigger because it was a black Labrador and we should not be bleeping the word out of the movie in a form of ‘woke’ censorship.

    Likewise, classic TV comedies like ‘It Ain't Half Hot Mum’ are banned from being repeated because they used stock characters and stereotypes of the era. Of course, the brilliant white comedy actor, Michael Bates blacked up as an Indian in the show but so did Peter Sellers in a film, and what about Oliver in Othello?

    We wouldn’t do this now but does this mean we are not allowed to re-watch these classics today?

    I don’t know about you but I am big enough and old enough to understand the cultural and historical setting of these shows and not go out and become a far-right racist who thinks that all blacks look the same and all oriental people cannot pronounce their R’s.  I ‘weally weaaly am!’ That is a joke by the way, do you remember them?

    The problem with the modern world is not what Orwell predicted in 1984 that a totalitarian government would come to power but rather that an unelected ‘woke’ elite has developed that has never put itself up for election on its true manifesto and cultural Marxist aims and ambitions.

    This elite have effectively become the ruling party that Orwell predicted in 1984. Orwell’s prediction that “The ruling party rewrites history so that it has never made a mistake, creates a new language to make free thought inexpressible, and seeks eternal power entirely for its own sake.”

    This has come true in 2019, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, and of course the new media Oligarchs and hypocrites like Zuckerberg.

    We must confront this cultural revisionism and dare I call it “Wokenism" with the same passion, commitment and drive as we confront racism and sexism today. Then we will live in a truly equal and freer world.

    To understand the present, we must understand and know our past otherwise we will never understand our future.

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