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    The UN’s global compact on migration will get underway in Marrakesh today, despite many countries such as the US refusing to buy into the organisation’s new policy and boycotting the summit. Sputnik spoke about it with TV personality and political commentator Katie Hopkins.

    Sputnik: Why is there so much opposition to this deal? Would it merely worsen the ongoing migration crisis?

    Katie Hopkins: I think for many people, they've already suffered at the hands of migrants and open borders and Angela Merkel's decision to open up effectively to a deluge of people. What we don't want to see is that repeated and it's very disheartening for many nationalists and patriots who are proud of their country, to see these leaders gathered in Marrakesh in Morocco for two days to discuss this global pact on migration.

    If any of your listeners have read any of those documents; then they will understand why people are concerned, it basically makes migration a human right and makes countries obligated facilitate the movement of people into their countries.

    I think what's been great to see, has been the number of countries who rapidly followed each other to pull out of this document. We've seen the press go into overdrive to try to support the global migration pact, whereas fortunately the USA, Israel, Italy, Hungary, Austria, there's so many countries that have pulled out, the list is long of those that have pulled out.

    What that does of course; is that it undermines the global pact. Is it really now a global compact? Or just a few countries trying to push something through on other countries and also it won't actually be signed; it will just be approved because it's just a treaty.

    There's all of this kind of wording around where they say it's non-binding so what's the problem. I suppose that somebody like myself, who's a hard critic of this push by the globalists to take away our sovereignty would say, if it's non-binding, why are you even there? What's the point?

    It's clearly going to be very expensive; you can see images of them now, wafting about and eating, drinking and generally chatting. These are very expensive things to do and it's the rise of these super-national bureaucrats trying to take away our borders, and telling us what's good for us.

    Of course; if I'm from Africa, South America, or from a socialist country where the economy is completely lost, then great, this is going to seem like a great idea. If I'm one of the leaders from Western Europe, America or elsewhere, running a stable country with a good economy then this is not good news.

    From a British perspective; one hundred and twenty thousand people have signed a petition for this to be discussed in parliament, and were completely ignored. I think that's what we're seeing more and more of, just where are regular people getting a say in this kind of discussion? 

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    Sputnik: Are leftists in the UK hypocritical regarding the issue of migration?

    Katie Hopkins: It's so disappointing. I've spent a lot of time watching remainers, those who wanted to stay in the EU, which you'll know is about migration to quite an extent, when you're amongst those people you see that they're incredibly privileged individuals.

    They live in exclusive islands of isolation in London, I huge properties, gated communities. They have their own private healthcare, private schooling they are not obliged in any way, they don't use public transport they are not obliged in any way to brush shoulders with those that they are bringing in, and with whom we regular people compete for public services.

    That's really where the conflict happens. When you can't get your child a place in a school, or you can't get your mum a hip replacement in the hospital; it matters, and that's where the elite, the leftists those that say they want open borders whilst having their own security, whilst being behind gated communities, whilst never having to rub shoulders with it, that's the hypocrisy and that's why I think you're seeing these uprisings.

    You've just seen in France this weekend with the Yellow Vest protests. There's a real feeling here in the UK that we aren't that far away from that kind of uprising ourselves.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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